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Pansexuality is not biphobia; bisexuality is not transphobia.

The idea that pansexuality is intrinsically biphobic is ridiculous.

One of the things that pansexuality has done is emphasize that gender is not binary.

It has never said that a bisexual person is relegated to Binary interest.

Any it has simply bolstered the acceptance of trans and non-binary individuals.

Over time people have become more accepting and identify as bisexual or pansexual, but the idea that a sexual orientation developed to revolutionize the acceptance of non-binary and trans people must meet biphobic it’s just ignorant.

It took me a long time myself to be willing to identify as pansexual because I already valued the idea trans and non-binary people whoever they were. I’m an asexual who behaves pansexually. I identified as bisexual until my partner introduced asexuality to me and I realized I was ace. I only claim sexuality as a specific political statement. A lot of people that are bi still stick to the idea that gender is binary because they focus on genitalia. For me identifying with pansexual what’s the political and activist move challenging transphobia.

There is a super harmful article by that is reinforcing myths about sexuality furthering the misunderstood of it political nature. A quick Google search shows more articles of the same.

That’s one of the reasons why it is important that the is invisible sexualities have visibility and education surrounding them. Because we keep propagating harmful misinformation about the creation of these ideas and labels pitting ourselves against each other in fear of being erased or misunderstood by cishet folks or GRSM people who don’t take time to learn something outside of their own identity.

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Changing Pronouns

I remember in high school I was in love with a girl. It wasn’t anything new to me because I had “openly” dated a girl before.
             “Openly” of course meaning it was something that only my small group of friends “knew” about it.
              “Openly” because people knew that at one point in time I liked girls, but I had dated a boy or two since the day of silence 2008, sophomore year, when despite my hardy defense against my torturers for coming out, I really did care when they asked how a girl felt to me.

But this girl was amazing.

I dared to show her my feelings, but how.

I was too afraid of the past to say it outright. “I think that girls are amazing creatures.” Not Obvious since I’m a girl myself.
“I like the way your mind works.” OK no, ignore my compliment since I’m not one of the cool kids.

So I admired her strength from afar until one day in high school Spanish 3. We had a poetry assignment. Write a poem to the person you love.

Poetry was my life, my outlet.

I knew how to communicate through written word.

I could sell myself by writing these words and maybe later talk to her.

But as I prepared this poem, perfecting it during the empty spaces in class when I finished my assignments before others.

Peer evaluation time.

Not a big deal until…

walking through the hall I heard whispers.

“Her love poems about a girl.”

The teasing started, the stares and on presentation day I stood before them proud because I had written a masterpiece.

But I looked down.

I felt shame, disappointed hate.

The conjugations were correct in every way except for the fact that the pronouns had changed.

So I hid from the world that I liked that girl.

2014 ~ Zephyr