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Yuletide blessings and cat presents

Every year my nesting partner and I buy our casts presents on their designated adoption days and Yule.

Yule is the big day, and I feel like once the Yule tree is decorated, they are waiting for the stocking to show up.

I may buy them an actual stocking and decorate it starting next year, collecting small toys I know they’ll like to fill it.

I’m ever reminded that I am a cat mom and these are my surrogate children.

Check out my Instagram to see my cats opening their Yule gift!

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Normally my family, my mate and any partners we have as we are polyamorous, our close friends, and I celebrate the Yule season together in various ways throughout the month of December.

Our inner circle consists mostly of people who follow spiritual paths associated with Paganism or some eclectic mix of various religions.

Generally, our yule season consists of feasting, drinking, and rituals. This year we have bypassed the ritual as my blood family is visiting and they do not celebrate holidays ( They are Jehovah’s Witnesses).

My husband and I have been very low key in our acknowledgment this year of the holiday. Where there are normally well-dressed altars and cakes there are empty spaces. This year our home is not filled with laughter and the ambiance of the great mother’s presence.

This year’s Yule is different and it’s an interesting experience to note.

Blessed Be