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When you say “All lives matter”…

…we know you don’t mean that.
If you did believe that you would know that statement is redundant.

We know all lives matters. That is a given.”All lives matter” was a reaction based in erasive behaviour.

Saying “Black lives matter” and having a movement behind is not refutong that statement. It’s reminding you that we matter too. 

That while you live in the fantasy that racism and inequality does not exist anymore POC of all races experience it.

Every time you say “All lives matter”, you are derailing a much needed discussion just because it is a little uncomfortable.You can say pretty things like race is a social construct and it doesn’t matter, but it does.

Race is something that does exist. It has ties to our social, geographic, and cultural existence.

Thr negative side of itcomes from imperlistic views used  to control, enslave, and manipulate.The traces of that are ingrained in our society.

The moment people stop trying to pretend it is not something that exist, is the moment we can truly address the problem.

The problem is not accepting and celebrating multiple racial groups and the various cultures that fall into those groupings and overlap. 

The problem is fearing what is different and trying to skew the view of what those differences mean.

 The problem is not truly allowing minority groups their rights, but forcing them to rebuild.

Yes y’all, minority groups still exist. 

The Civil Rights Movement is not that far away. Do you know what we were fighting for? The right to be seen as human beings deserving of respect just like you. For all People of Color to have equal rights.

Apparently that is too much to ask, still.

Remember that BLM also addresses police brutality and how it affects all people. It does however have a major focus on the fact that there is a trend of racial inequity. It is not saying all police are bad. Its saying thay there are people in a position of power who use it and abuse it due to racism, ego, and an inflated sense of self, as well as the fact that we need to seriously examine the training methods and processes of police forces.



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“Now y’all kids need to get involved in politics.”

Oh that beauteous howl of our parental units and those well-meaning older generation folks who are often so wrought with their own assumptions about us.

” You need to learn about the political system.”

Oh buddy, we have.

We have become acutely aware of just how f*#ked the political system and our government have gotten.
I mean it wasn’t super fabulous, to begin with.  How can it be when we built a nation based on hypocrisy and I don’t know, the backs of other people.

Equal rights?

No. Only if you fit into a preconceived notion of what is right. Otherwise you have to fight for your rights, and struggle  get by in a world  that views you as less than or deficient in some way; and for what? Because of the color of your skin and the ingrained  stereotypes and even some very stupidly conceive prejudices. Yo, don’t event get me started.

Or because your sexual or romantic attractions are deemed unnatural, because of a very narrow view humans hold and call it being evolved. I mean have you seen our culture being ravished by the  ideology of toxic masculinity and possessiveness.

What about ignoring the gender and sex spectrum, and calling transgender and non-binary confused when you are the one is confused because this is new to you. Or better yet calling intersex people monsters or needing to be fixed.

OMG, gender equality, because we have ridiculous predispositions towards all genders.

Y’all! VETERANS. How long has it taken us to move forward with helping to take care the people who risked their lives to defend all of our so called rights. Bruh.

I’ll stop right here. That “All  men are created equal”, not so much. And you can have the “pursuit of happiness” and the “American dream”but if you don’t reach it it’s your fault for not climbing out of poverty because you are lazy and uneducated. Even though you probably work full-time and maybe even went to school and couldn’t find a job that allows you to meet your basic needs and get out of debt.

I read somewhere that America needs a moral rebirth. I agree. On more levels than just economic, we need to care about more than just getting where we are going.

We ( the younger generations)  are out here educating ourselves and noting all the shit that is happening. We see a system that in theory was suppose to work, but we let greed and power take over and we want to fix that.

“You need to vote.”

Welp, I don’t disagree with that either.

We do. We have to use the current system to some degree to change it.

But we don’t know a lot about certain political processes and how to get involved.

I grew in an apolitical household because that’s what our religion told us. Government  class didn’t teach you all the real things you need to know and I was AP. Our teacher tried to get in as much extra stuff into the curriculum, but even in 2009 they were still testing us for test.

Onward college, I started seeing things a lot differently.and trying to figure out what to do.

Now this is definitely not the we didn’t know excuse.

I mean some of us don’t know at 18, but we have resources, but we only have them after we realize that there is so much more than the major elections.

See, what happens is that you are busy telling us what you think we don’t know, that you aren’t telling us what we really need to know. But this isn’t the blame game. This is just a synopsis of how screwed up education and politics are.

My life partner was into politics. She wanted to be a politician before she died. One of the major things that she helped me to see is that no, the current system doesn’t serve a lot of the younger generations interest and needs, but we can change that.

She believed in activism and using the current system to get what we want.

Voting falls short. Some of the major reasons we don’t vote include:

  • We are away for college, interning, or traveling for experience so we don’t have stable addresses or can’t be there for most local elections,
  •  but that is also if we do know about the local elections. This is a problem that can be addressed to some extent by better outreach and education before we get out of high school as well.
  • If we work, we may have conflicting work schedules that make it hard or near impossible to make it during election times.
  • Being busy is a real thing if you are balancing an education, gaining experience, and even having a job just to get by. I think sometimes the older folk forget things like that.
  • Some people just don’t deal with politics because they don’t see how it helps.

The last one is really for everyone. Since when we are tiny children, we are told to avoid the topics of politics and religion because they cause issues. We aren’t taught to respect differing opinions, respects people right to be able to have the same rights as you, have a healthy debate, and explain ourselves, we are taught to avoid the subject (Which is why many activist get the to the “shut up” point when dealing with people). Like let’s talk about the weather and shit instead. BTW I can turn that political too. Please, stop with the small talk y’all.

Essentially this avoidance of political discussion has caused younger folks to not see the importance of  political discussion in our everyday lives. My personal experience has showed me that many of my peers don’t care until something affects them negatively.

We also have the problem that people view activism in a negative light. Sorry folks, but you don’t get to say what types of activism are ok to use. There are various audiences out there and not all methods work for all people, but it gets people talking. Don’t white-wash any revolution and pretend it was all peaceful. America’s freedom wasn’t even won with a “Pretty please with sugar on top.”

So yea, we may be apathetic and we may not know what to do sometimes, but as our parents. mentors, and predecessors its your job to foster environments of political involvement and education. Not the version where you force us to follow your beliefs, but to really think for ourselves. You want to guide us, do it. Hiding from politics helps no one.

We should be able to critic, explore, and discuss the reinvention of the political system without the words entitled, selfish, ignorant, lazy being thrown at us.

The economic and political environments have been experiencing a shifts for a long while now. We can’t necessarily keep doing things the same way. That’s just something you have to deal with.



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Because they are sentient


feeling or sensation as distinguished from perception and thought.

of being sentient:

able to feel, see, hear, smell, or taste

-Merriam-Webster Dictionary

I’ll say it here.
Humans are omnivores. We are adapted to eat plant and animal matter. I do not bother to argue that fact with people.

Our adaptation is about survival from times where we had limited access to food.

What I do discuss is that animals are sentient beings and DESERVE compassion.

They don’t deserve to be an after-thought, and in a world that treats them as nothing more than property or food unless they are cute (then they are still more than likely viewed as property), living a life built around the principles of veganism is a must.

In America alone, we consume more meat than necessary in the “typical” American diet. There is a disconnect between knowing where your food is coming from. That hunk of meat on your plate used to be a living being, but the likelihood that the meat that you are eating came from an animal living a happy life free from terror is not likely. Most aren’t even aware of the practices that often get them dairy and eggs which has a lot of cruel behavior in itself.

We have the trait of humanity, but many times we fail to use it. We often forget to exercise humanity because we are busy making advances and enjoying being at the “top of the food chain” due to our luck with evolution.

Humans are specist in nature, yet we have the ability to think objectively to witness the pain of another living being n still turn a blind eye because “It tastes so good!”


When I say ” living a life built around the principles of veganism is a must” I don’t mean drop meat now. I mean it would be great if everyone could do that. I mean learn to be conscious of your actions and the impact on the world around you. Take step steps to reduce and even cut the harm you cause.

Full plant-based veganism is not accessible to everyone for various reasons, the principles and finding ways to continue and promote advances that allow a vegan- based lifestyle to be available to all.

Remember the definition of veganism:

“A philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude—as far as is possible and practicable—all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of humans, animals, and the environment. In dietary terms, it denotes the practice of dispensing with all products derived wholly or partly from animals.” ~Veganism as defined by The Vegan Society 1979

“A philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude—as far as is possible and practicable…” That is the part that we too often forget. The foundation. The fact that we are to do as much as we CAN, to help prevent the exploitation and cruelty towards animals of all types. Some can do a lot more than others, but every little bit counts.

Every attitude change, every realization that torture and cruelty are not valid to our survival counts.



I won’t post links and resources this time. I want you to research. I want you to learn and feel free to report back to the comments about your feelings and anything you have learned.

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Why sustainable living is important to my family.

I love science. It is the foundation of everything I support spiritually and practically. Unfortunately,  over human’s time of scientific discovery and  scientific advances so many of us forgot that these amazing things we can now do at accelerated rates are actually quite dangerous for the lovely piece of organic matter that houses us in the perfect conditions for human, ANIMAL, and PLANT life to thrive. I felt the need to emphasize the last part since so many do not even recognize life beyond humans despite biology being taught since grade school.

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Writer’s Block

I run a few blogs over a variety of topics. I love writing. I love reading. Unfortunately, none of that helps when you can’t think of a solitary word that is worth writing on the subject you are  discussing. I mean I have ideas. I’m highly opinionated, but sometimes just making the words come out in a manner everyone else will understand is just a little far outside your current brain capacity.

Sometimes writer’s block is not even about not having an idea. It’s can be as simply frustrating as I have this amazing idea but it’s in the wrong “language”.

My partner and I were talking about this the other day. I think in pictures and have to translate it over to words. Sometimes it’s easier to do than other times.

I have lists of posts for each of my blogs. It’s mostly the purpose behind starting. I had a lot to say and I say it better in writing. First, however, I have to get past not being able to translate the idea into words, at least enough to create an outline or losing my thought because I tried multiple ways of getting it into words that it doesn’t even make sense.

I love the writing process. This is why I write multiple posts at a time now. As I get to the point that I have made my thoughts more clear and concise, each post grows until complete.

It’s not an enjoyable reality to experience your brains awareness that it can’t complete a thought because te connections aren’t matched.

But I will never let it stop my love of writing.