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Mission Statements

A transfer from let’s talk about poly which is now one of my deleted sites.

School is out for winter break so aside from sorority stuff I am back to blogging. Yay!!! 

The episode of Sister Wives when they went on vacation with the Dargers’ made me happy.  Joe Darger’s family is what I see when I view the family that I want, whether monogamous or polygamist. He shares my values though we have different faiths and I appreciate that. I finally feel that I have a public representation of what I view polygamy as. I especially loved that they have a mission statement. It is an amazing Idea and I think that every family should have one.

Defining what you believe a marriage is and what your mutual views for your family just seem smart. My fiance and I sat the day after I watched this and made one for our family. I was ecstatic that he agreed to do it. In my faith, many believe that once you have bound yourself to your significant other, you are practically married in the eyes of the Lady and the Lord.

I think that this is something that so many people are failing to do nowadays.  Focus on why they are getting married and just saying I love you lets do this. Then they wonder why their marriage is nothing like they want or is crashing and burning.

A mission statement is a visual and constant reminder of what your goals and desires as a family are. It is explicit so there is rarely a way to second guess what people mean, especially when you sit down as a family and work through this together. It’s a great form of team building that sparks lots of conversation.

Here is ours:

XXXXX Family Mission Statement

LOVE, TRUST, AND KINDNESS shall be the founding principles of our household, no matter how big or small it shall be.

This will be done by keeping the values of Belonging, Flexibility, Respect, Honesty, Forgiveness, Generosity, Curiosity, Communication, Responsibility and Tradition.

This family came into being because consenting adults made the decision to become a single entity for eternity.

As a Husband, I expect Love, Respect, and Loyalty from my household.

As a wife I expect my family to strive for a circle of Perfect Love and Perfect Trust. I believe that each relationship within our circle is founded Unconditional Love, Understanding, and Support. I believe that I have found my soul mate and compliment. My personal goal is to fulfill my role as a Loving, Submissive, and Spiritually Enhancing wife. I expect my family to move past out differences to achieve this.

Our goals as a family will be to:

v  Speak and act in a way that allows the spirit to be with us.
v  Nurture, support, and celebrate each other’s ambitions, dreams and missions.
v  Courageously commit to public virtue.
v  Build our knowledge, skills, and attitudes of self-reliance and freedom to become an independent unit that stands together.
v  Build others up through service, sharing, and love.
v  Guided by love for one another and allow that to keep us grounded.

                                                 _________________________                                         _________________________

_________________________                                         _________________________

This defines our beliefs as a family. Our shared belief is that when we engaged ourselves in a committed relationship, we are saying that we are committed to making a family unit that will work towards lasting and being loving and successful. In ours we have subtly allowed for the additions of other , in the event that this occurs.

Does your family have a mission statement and goals of its own?


Shalyse Wright-Bethea is the Founder of Design and Scheme. She has been working as Professional Organizer and Event consultant. Shalyse is an activist and she’s passionate and that reflects in everything that she does. Want to chat, have questions or want to hear my thoughts on a topic? Send me a shout: B.A in Interdisciplinary Studies ( Focus disciplines: Business, Humanities, Marketing) Event planner. Organizer. Loving my crunchy, veggie life.

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